What is DevSecOps Days Boston?

DevSecOps Days Boston is an ongoing online conference focused on empowering developers, security, and operations practitioners to adopt secure coding and delivery practices, improving how technology and people systems do these things together. It was held on July 26th 2021 but the videos are all available and monthly meetups will follow.

100% of net ticket sales and contributor sponsorships will go to good causes (read more here).

DevSecOps Days is a global series of virtual conferences helping to educate, evolve, and explore concepts around developing security as code.

Why is DevSecOps Days Boston around?

The conference is designed to promote awareness in secure coding and other relevant projects and techniques related to increasing awareness, transparency, and traceability of security requirements across software teams.

DevSecOps Days Boston is in its first year of operation as a grass-roots event whose aim is to encourage sharing of knowledge and development of the discipline of security engineering.

Who’s organizing the event?

Amongst the broader volunteer base that will be helping with this year’s event, the core organizing group consists of:

  • Paul Bruce
  • Ruth Lennon
  • Kate Ruh
  • Michael Thomas Clark
  • Chris Hughes

We are also grateful for the efforts of our Live Captioning crew at White Coat Captioning, Ashton from Mind’s Eye Creative and her amazing graphic recordings, and to all others in our communities for making this event what it is.