Caroline Wong

KEYNOTE: The Future of Cloud-Native Security

In recent years, we have witnessed an explosive uptick in cloud-native security implementations for their myriad of benefits. As modern development processes speed up, organizations have recognized the urgent need for integrated security.

In this talk, Caroline will share her observations on how companies must change the way they build security into their cloud-native projects, and forecast what’s next for cloud-native security. She will discuss how, when it comes to the future of cloud-native security, organizations must double down on people and process innovation to overcome the misconceptions, education gaps and common mistakes we see when it comes to the cloud.

Cloud native is here; it is scaling, and it is not going anywhere. The more we can see the reality and necessity of what security must become, the better we will all be in the long run.

More about Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong is the Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt. She has 15+ years of cybersecurity leadership, including practitioner, product, and consulting roles. Caroline authored the popular textbook, Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide. She teaches cybersecurity courses on LinkedIn Learning and hosts the Humans of InfoSec podcast.