Mark Peters

Integrating DevSecOps Teams

When working with DevSecOps, the biggest challenge may be how to integrate security into Dev and Ops functions. Traditional teams understand development and operations but bringing the department of “No” in compliance security for highly-regulated industries can be more difficult. This session discusses some experience about building the basic discussions into your teams when integrating security practices. Starts with explaining the cyber threat landscape faced by today’s businesses and then expands to suggest ways to better integrate your security team while facing modern challenges. Uses current examples of transformation from both sides to emphasize understanding. Offers a clear framework to guide the discussion between dev, sec, and ops teams to build common ground and deliver value to the customer.

More about Mark Peters

Dr. Mark Peters works for Novetta as Technical Lead on several DoD cyber programs in San Antonio, TX. A DevOps junkie, much of his time is spent integrating teams and automating out of repetition. A cybersecurity expert, he had a full USAF career and now holds multiple industry certifications including a CISSP. He authored “Cashing in on Cyberpower” analyzing cyber-attacks from an economic perspective. In his spare time, he reads, thinks, writes, and then (usually) speaks and holds a Judo black belt. A DevOps Institute ambassador, and US Chapter Chair, he enjoys working with individuals across the globe on unique solutions.