Rob Cuddy

Raiders of the Lost AppSec

Remember the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark? Or finding the Temple of Doom? Finding the grail in the Last Crusade? There are some fun principles and parallels that a pply to application security in those movies. So come take a look at what Indiana Jones can teach us about appsec.

This will be a fun discussion using classic Indiana Jones movie segments and correlating to application security needs and practices. The main idea showing how application security plays a big role in building that trust and confidence for your clients.

We invite you to join us on this quest to drive trust and confidence for those customers that are looking at how you handle their data and the methods you use to protect it, because they expect you to handle it responsibly.

More about Rob Cuddy

Rob is currently a Global Application Security Evangelist for HCL providing thought leadership for application security, DevOps and DevSecOps initiatives, and is one of the hosts of the Application Paranoia podcast. Prior to this role, Rob was with IBM for 14 years with roles in Application Security Evangelism, Worldwide Sales Enablement, Tiger Teams and Field Services for the Management and Platform Segment offerings in IBM Cloud. Rob has worked with clients all over the world to help address their challenges in ways that bring a positive impact to the business bottom line. Rob has spoken at numerous events and conferences, including All Day DevOps, Equilibrium, Agile + DevOps Virtual, Evanta CISO Summits, THINK, InterConnect, DevloperConnect, IBM Top Guns and many customer events. Prior to IBM, Rob spent 13 years with 5 different companies working as a configuration management specialist with an emphasis on Rational tooling. Rob graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is an avid fan of college football. When not at work, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, serving with his church, running and cycling. You can connect with Rob through the Application Paranoid podcast, via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram but the best way is by joining the “Robservatory” on twitter using the handle @Robservatory.