Prima Virani

How We Automated Ourselves Out of On-Call Burnout...and you can too!

The repetitive nature of response tasks is one of the biggest causes of fatigue and burnout among Incident Responders. Anyone who’s been on-call on a Security team can remember how many hours they’ve spent opening the same tabs, clicking the same buttons, copy+pasting the same indicator data, and performing other similar tasks repeatedly. Imagine if that time was spent building stronger detection capabilities instead, or even better, on taking a break from the screen and going out for a walk!

While this can be solved by outsourcing the frontline response capabilities, it can be costly in terms of time and money to identify a proficient vendor, obtain approvals, finalize the contract, as well as the financial cost of the service…

What if I told you that at Segment we built this capability with an open-source tool in the same amount of time it would take a team to do all of the above with the time and resources of a single full-time security engineer? Welcome to the story of our Response Automation journey!

More about Prima Virani

Prima is a seasoned Security professional who has worked in a variety of industries such as Consumer Tech, Oil & Gas, Media, and Fin-tech. She is a Senior Security Engineer on the SIRT team at Segment where she enjoys creating automation tooling for Incident Response and occasionally dabbles in Security DevOps. She loves sharing her experiences with the industry and has spoken at many meetups and conferences globally including, but not limited to, Agile India 2020, MacDevOpsCon Vancouver 2019, Grace Hopper Conference 2017.